3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Business Slogan Generator

Let’s face it – your slogan is the most important hard-hitting set of words you will write for your startup or business company.

An effective slogan will highlight your company’s strengths, pique interest, and help your potential customers understand how you can help them.

When a slogan is perfectly written, it has a major competitive advantage. When it is not, it is a lost opportunity and can significantly impact your sales and revenues.

So, how can you make sure you have a well-crafted slogan?  

Start by avoiding these three common mistakes when using a business slogan generator.

3 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Writing Your Business’ Slogan

A business slogan generator is one of the best tools for writing business slogans and taglines. This tool gives you unique slogan ideas and helps you pick the perfect phrase for your brand.

A lot of marketers and business owners are using business slogans today and why not. In just a few minutes, you can have a perfect combination of words, ready to promote your business, brand, and the products you sell.  

Making mistakes when writing a slogan or when using a slogan maker is a common thing to do. However, sometimes, these mistakes can impact your business and you don’t want that to happen.  

Here are three things you should avoid when crafting your new business’ slogan.

1. Talking About Yourself

If you are promoting your business, shouldn’t you be talking about your business?

It is this common mistake we see new businesses make. We assume is because everybody cares about their businesses.

The truth is that customers want to know how businesses can help them solve a certain problem, save time, meet a need, make money, and etc. In other words, they want to know – what’s in for them?

By keeping it simple and relevant to your customers’ issues and needs and how you can solve them – your slogan will become more engaging, attractive, and effective.

2. Being Too Clever

Remember – you shouldn’t get too cutesy in your slogan.

In order to come up with a winning slogan that generates sales, elevates marketing, and attracts attention, clear beats clever.

Stick to simplicity. It is your best strategy.  

The slogan generator will provide you with hundreds if not thousands of different slogans. Go for one that is simple and clear. Your customers will love it. We can assure you of that.

3. Not Making Your Slogan Adaptable

Before you choose a slogan, make a list of all the places you will use it.

For example, your company letterhead, your online store, your website, business cards, video bumpers, email campaign header, flyers, conventions, and etc.

Make sure the length of your slogan is appropriate and suits each of these places. If you choose a logo that includes your business slogan, check that everything looks perfect and proportional. Double check the smallest and largest placements so you know it will be understandable, readable, and compelling whenever you use it.

5 Creative Business Slogan Generator
Options to Consider

You are writing a slogan. It is not easy. You are distilling the value of your business down to a few words. Why not make the process easier and give these five creative business slogan generators a chance.


This is the best place to find slogan inspiration and unique ideas for your next business project. Shopify free slogan maker is super easy to use. Enter a word that best describes your business and click Generate Slogans. The tool will come up with the best ideas and you’ll get up to 100 relevant slogans, free of charge.


Slogangenerator.co is a very popular tool used by marketers and business owners who want to create an instant slogan for their companies. Like Shopify, this tool is super easy to use. Come up with a word that best describes your company or a keyword you want your new slogan to include. In just a few seconds, slogangenerator.co will provide you with random phrases using the word you just entered.

City Slogan Generator:

City Slogan Generator is a unique tool to create town or city slogan with icon design (free of charge). Some of the best slogan examples we would like to share with you are – The Capital of Scandinavia – Stockholm, O Lord Direct Us – London, Valiant, Steadfast, Compassionate – Amsterdam. Barcelona belongs to you – Barcelona, and much more. If you are interested in creating such a slogan, this tool is perfect for you. Give it a try now.

Corporate Slogan Generator

Corporate Slogan generator is a great tool that allows you to come up with random and unique corporate slogans. With this tool, you can also create mission statements. It is an easy-to-use tool. No experience or knowledge is required to use Corporate Slogan Generator.


Sloganizer allows you to create the perfect phrase for your business. All you need to do is add a keyword and within a few seconds, you will get a list of great slogans. Pick one.


The key to growing your company is to know exactly what to say when a potential customer comes around.

Keep our tips in mind as you are writing or editing your slogan ideas and you will have a great combination of words to show for your hard work and dedication.

The keys to making the best slogan for your business are:

  • Short and sweet: A slogan shouldn’t be very long. It should say something nice and should be memorable.
  • Be different: Don’t copy someone else’s work. A slogan should be unique and show that your brand is different than others.
  • Timeless: Your new business slogan should run for 10, 20 or 50 years. Use words that don’t go out of the mind.
  • Don’t try to sell: Don’t try to promote or sell your products through your slogan Use the slogan to evoke emotions.
  • Be funny: Fun creates happy emotions. If you can be funny – go ahead, add some humor.


Ready to create a catchy slogan for your business? Let’s do this!

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